You Impressed Me Lynn Bardowski

Let me start off by saying I know absolutely NOTHING about the woman I’m writing about but she has impressed me so much that I’m writing this blog about her. (Perhaps she knew I would since I’m all about helping others promote themselves).

When I went to my post office box today to pick up my mail, I had a package waiting for me. It apparently had been there for a week. When I looked at the name on the package, I wondered who it was. Then I thought it was probably someone sending me their book to review so I would invite them to be a guest on my radio show.

Well, imagine my surprise when I opened up the priority mail envelope and saw a nicely gift-wrapped box with a card. I opened the card and saw that it was for my birthday which is two weeks away. Inside the card was a lovely handwritten message telling me to “Get your glow on!” Signed, Lynn Bardowski. The glow she was referring to were the scented candles that came with the card.

When I got home, I immediately went to my computer to see if we were connected on Facebook or LinkedIn. We are not. Then I checked Twitter. I am apparently following her there but have no idea how our paths might have crossed but I tell you one thing, this is one dynamite businesswoman who knows how to make friends and influence people. The fact that she sent me a birthday gift means she did some research but NOT ONCE has she pitched her business to me. The candles she sent are from her PartyLite business.

I, too, have done some homework on her.

This is what her LinkedIn profile says: Lynn Bardowski is one of 2% of women entrepreneurs to achieve 1 Million+ in annual revenue. For more than 22 years Lynn has transformed lives by empowering women to discover their gifts and live life with an exclamation point! She leads with her heart, developing Leaders to think BIGGER and manifest abundance. As a business coach, sales trainer and national speaker, her energetic and approachable style has inspired audiences of all sizes.

In Lynn’s book, Success Secrets of a Million$ Party Girl™ (coming out in 2012), she shares how she had the courage, vision and belief to leave the safety net of a successful corporate career, overcoming fear & failure to build a multi million dollar PartyLite business. Her “Ten Secrets of Success” will inspire you to build your Million $ Dream!

On May 23, I did spot her on Twitter and she became a member of my Wonderful Wednesday Twitter Crew: (My Wonderful Wednesday Twitter Crew @jaycuejay @robinthomas1 @leadtheway1 @nash_jen)

What does she get in return? Some free promotion and a new customer!

The power of social media….can you feel it?

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15 Responses to You Impressed Me Lynn Bardowski

  1. Ms. Bardowski is obviously pretty savvy … but then, it DOES take one to know one. ; >
    Linda Alexander recently posted..Loretta Young

    • beverlym says:

      What Lynn demonstrated is why she’s a million $$$ entrepreneur—and she’s a boomer. Would be a great candidate for BDN don’t you think?

  2. That’s sweet and very nice. How do the candles smell? :-)
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Collusion, A Firefox Add-On

  3. beverlym says:

    Awww man……

    These candles smelled through the package! The aroma is heavenly. She sold me.

  4. The PartyLite products are wonderful and do smell great, and they last for hours!
    Thank you for sharing this article. What a great way to market your business! I look forward to Lynn’s book when it comes out. Have a great weekend.

    • beverlym says:

      What Lynn demonstrated is a great example of how to gain customers. As opposed to giving me a “hard sell”, she found a special occasion to tie into and then delivered free of charge. As a result, she has a new customer and FREE promotion.

  5. I attended Lynn’s workshop, “INpower YOU!” last night. She is everything you expect her to be. Powerful, insightful, warm, giving, knowledgable and caring. Your intuition about her is spot on!

    • beverlym says:

      Hopefully, I will have the privilege of hearing her in person someday. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  6. Debbie Moore says:

    I know Lynn and she’s amazing. She is so supportive of women in business and just a great all-around person. And she is driven! wow! Her energy amazes me. And what a positive attitude– no wonder she’s a success!

  7. Tracy Martin says:

    I am a coworker and friend of Lynns! She is an amazing woman and always willing to share whether it be her knowledge or a smile and kind word. She is truly an inspiration!!

    • beverlym says:

      Traci and Debbie,
      Just by the comments I’m reading here, it sounds like like she is in a class all by herself!

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  9. Lynn, Is an inspiration to all who meet her. I too attended her seminar and have heard her speak. I was also lucky enough to have personal coaching from her. She definitly leads from her heart! God Bless!

  10. ~ The Lady in Red ~ says:

    I have just met Lynn through a mutual friend, online at that, and her energy exudes over the Internet. Not many people have such a presence. She’s a woman to watch!
    ~ The Lady in Red ~ recently posted..The Lady in Red Makes Her Radio Debut on WOND Thursday June 21

  11. Lynn is really a super sweet person as well :) So she has a lot of things going for her so glad to see her featured.

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