Media Interviews Promote YOU Not Your Business

If you are looking at the media to promote your business, you are looking at it all wrong. Interviews tell stories about people. WHO are you? WHAT did you used to do? WHAT are you doing now? WHERE did it all begin for you? WHEN did you decide it was time to make a change? WHY share your story? HOW much has your life changed in the last 10-20 years?

These are the questions I ask as an interviewer so my listeners and viewers get to know YOU. It is through telling your story that they not only learn more about you—but they also come to learn about your business.

The next time you think “I’m not newsworthy”, remember this: everyone has a story to tell and YOUR STORY can be a testimony for someone else in helping them in their own personal and professional lives.

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One Response to Media Interviews Promote YOU Not Your Business

  1. Angela says:

    I think its the best way to promote the business..Thank you for sharing..
    Angela recently posted..3D Television Guide

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