Building Your Power Partner Publicity Portfolio

When was the last time you teamed up with someone for a joint business venture?  Partnerships with others who offer services or products that compliment yours can be a win-win situation.

Where you look to find people to collaborate with depends upon your objectives.  In my case, I have a new book coming out called How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder.  The book serves as resourceful guide to help baby boomers navigate their way towards creating the kind of business and professional image that will help them stand out in the social media NOISE and gain greater visibility.

I, therefore, chose to collaborate with other experts who could add additional value to the idea of what you can do to gain more visibility for yourself as a small business owner or entrepreneur and how that can help you grow your business.

  • Effective collaborations give you the opportunity to draw upon a wider range of skills, perspectives, aptitudes, and experiences.
  • You can combine your areas of expertise with those of others to create a power-packed product, benefiting your clients.
  • Teaming heightens the client’s perception of your quality and credibility.
  • You can increase your professional visibility by being involved in various collaborations with others.
  • You can strengthen your client and referral base.

So here’s what I’m offering as bonus gifts with some awesome collaborators:

12 Must Ask Questions Before You Even Think About Creating Your Marketing Plan by Olalah Njenga

Better Blogging with Mitch Mitchell

What if Your WordPress Site is Hacked by Heidi Caswell (3 videos)

How to Get Paid for What You Know by LaShanda Henry

Internet Marketing and Small Business Tips by LaShanda Henry

Protecting Your Computer by Computer Security Analyst Nathaniel Gibbs

If you were to try to purchase these separately you would pay more than $500 but for less than $20, you can have them all as FREE bonus gifts.  Now, that’s what you call COLLABORATION. To get yours now, click here:

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