Boomers Need Lessons on Social Media Etiquette

If you didn’t grow up with technology, chances are you might not truly understand social media etiquette if you’re trying to establish yourself in business on the internet.

What I’ve discovered is there are a number of people 50 years old and over who don’t really understand social media etiquette when it comes to marketing their business or products.  Because there is no face-to-face contact, some boomers believe all they have to do is post their business URL’s and links to a social media site and everyone will come running to them to do business.

Let’s take a man named Kyle, for example.  I don’t Kyle.  He’s probably a very nice man if you get to know him but Kyle is extremely ANNOYING when it comes to social media.  In one of the Facebook forums we belong to, he went in and practically filled up the entire page with comments related to his business.  It would be one thing if the information offered value but he did nothing more than to post things many of would consider SPAM.  This is an example of one of his posts:  The 17,000-ton, 580-passenger Athena and 800-passenger Princess Danae were detained in Marseille on September 17 for failure to pay crew wages and fuel costs.

We’ve tried to address it with him on the site on several occasions but so far he has ignored us.

Here are some tips on how you can shine in social media with proper social media etiquette:

Allow others to get to know more about you personally instead of constantly hawking your products or services.

Promote others more often than you promote yourself.

Promote others, and it’s much more likely people will help promote you when it’s your turn.

Be sure to acknowledge others who comment on something you’ve posted with your own comments.

Boomers who want to do business online MUST learn social media etiquette because no matter how “mature” you are, people are still only willing to do business with those they know, like and trust.


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2 Responses to Boomers Need Lessons on Social Media Etiquette

  1. First, was that a Freudian slip in your second sentence or were you making a great point with creative writing? lol

    Second, you’re absolutely correct. Some people think you do the same things in social media that you do in the real world, which is to hammer people to death to get them to listen to you. Social media is such because it’s supposed to be a 2-way street, and when it’s not people tune you out or, even worse, block you. Neither one of those helps, and do it enough and your name is suddenly poison.

    Good stuff Bev; you tell ‘em!
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Posting Times – The Experiment

  2. Beverly says:

    I honestly believe some of the folks who are misusing the social media space really don’t know what they’re doing wrong because no one has really told them. I am all about self promotion (as I know YOU know) but I do believe you must have some type of relationships with the people you’re trying to sell your products or services to. I’m looking for someone to show statistics on how many people get random business from the “spray and pray” method. Thanks for commenting!
    Beverly recently posted..Boomers Need Lessons on Social Media Etiquette

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