A Simple Thank You Will Do

The other day someone I know fairly well asked if I could offer some tips on how to get exposure for a conference being held at their church. I suggested they create a flyer and then submit it to the radio and television stations in the area with a letter or note asking them to post it on their community calendar, along with their contact information.  Shortly afterwards, I received an email from someone else (I don’t know) who is also connected to the church asking me to help her get on some local stations to talk about the event.

Here is my response:

I have forwarded the announcement you gave me to my contacts at the TV stations in Durham and Chapel Hill.  

If you are looking to get on a radio station to talk about the event, my advice is you contact them directly.  Some stations will want to charge you for the airtime but there may be some that would have you come in to talk.  WRJD in Durham might offer an opportunity to come in and talk about the conference.

I am assuming this was not quite the response she was looking for because she did not follow up to acknowledge the email or to simply say “thank you” for the information.  I am also assuming she wanted me to contact my fellow media contacts on her behalf and set her up with interviews.  That is part of a media service I normally charge for, but as a courtesy I did give her a nugget to follow through on.

Saying thank you just takes a moment.  Forgetting or neglecting to say thank you is rude. Not only does it upset and annoy people, it makes you look bad. However important or busy you are, it’s always right to thank people, however small the thing they have done for you.


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3 Responses to A Simple Thank You Will Do

  1. Wow, how rude was that. And yet it happens to me from time to time also. Sometimes I call them on it, while other times I’ll decide to just move on; depends on my mood. I mean really, how long does it take to say thank you?
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  2. Beverly Mahone says:

    The thing is if she had said thank you, I may have gone out of my way and done some other things for them at no charge. I certainly wasn’t asking her to sing my praises on Facebook but a show of appreciation in an email would’ve gone a LONG way towards helping her again.

  3. Nicole Schuman says:

    That’s so very true! After all saying thank you will won’t hurt you and would not make you less of a person. So let’s all be thank you for everything! :) Thank you for sharing this.. Great job!
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